April 19th Details / The richness grows

The time is set for the spring performance:

April 19th, 2013

@ Willow International Community College Center

Clovis, CA

Doors open at 6:00 pm

Performance at 7:00 pm

This performance is hosted by WICCC and part of their Asian American History month.

The richness grows

Radical: of or from the root(s). If we think of our core, of our power as roots (instead of a foundation of stone), we can remember we must continue to grow to stay alive.

One of the beauties of live performance is the opportunity for exchange. As I’ve continued to perform, I’ve not only spoken, but also listened. The stories that individuals have shared with me have added more depth and meaning to this work.

After one performance, I was gifted three suitcases by a Japanese American who was in the audience. He happened to be a neighbor whose parents were interned in the same camp as my grandparents. When I picked up the suitcases, I found out that his family lived in the barrack next to my baachan and that he had just found the suitcases while cleaning out the family home. Two of the three suitcases still has the original tag, with their family number, assigned to all Japanese American families as they traveled to camp. These suitcases, I learned, had been carried from Gila River, Arizona back to their home in a small town in the Central Valley, and they had never been used since then.

A shiver.

This incredibly kind gesture adds not just to the performance – but to the collective fabric that makes up shared memory and shared trauma. I’m not just speaking to heal myself, I’m hoping that the collection of voices I perform and the shared experience of performance will fortify and awaken the caves and mountains and rivers of community.

Shared stories. Shared histories. Shared futures.

What stories do you/we carry?

How do we carry them?

What dreams do we have?

What carries us forward?


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