2014 Re-generation

To celebrate the new year, my family and I traveled down to the LA area to visit some of our relatives and ring in 2014 with Japanese food & family. While visiting with my second cousins — some of whom I hadn’t seen in a decade — I realized that though we shared great grandparents who built their lives in this country in the agricultural fields of the Central Valley, my brother and I were/are the only Yonsei (fourth generation Japanese Americans) left who grew up and still reside in the Valley. Where we call home is the place many of our Issei and Nisei ancestors are buried. Who will be the caretakers of these sacred places of memory, I wonder. What might call Yonsei like my cousins to the Valley to trace and connect with their roots? I imagine what kinds of transformation could be possible, what kind of regeneration of memory and understanding might grow during these uncertain journeys. I am recalled to my performance this year, to be a Yonsei volunteer, a surrogate of collective memory.


Two humble upcoming 2014 Performances:

February 8th: Merced at the Livingston-Merced JACL Day of Remembrance Banquet.


February 9th: Fresno, Woodward Park Library, 944 E. Perrin Avenue, Fresno

2 pm in the Community Room




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