Gratitude & Room for Contemplation

I have wrapped up my last performance of 2014.


Performing this show has continued to create powerful ripples in my consciousness about healing from community wounds and the pedagogical power of remembering injustice.


After every show, I’ve been moved and touched by the stories that come pouring forth from audience members. I am truly grateful.


I’m taking a pause in the scheduling of performances to contemplate what the next engagements might be like.

Questions on my mind:

What directions would I like to explore with this work?

Does its next iteration involve more community or audience engagement?

How do I balance the time and energy required to prepare for a show with the material necessities of life?

Do I continue this work alone, or branch out in partnerships and/or collaborations?

Does the artistic approach deepen or change course?


As I take a pause to think about these, I am also taking pause in booking more shows.

At least for now.


Thanks for following!


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