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Nikiko Masumoto is a brave and beautiful soul with enough compassion and talent for us all.  What We Could Carry enlarged my grateful heart, moved me to tears, and shines an important light on history and humanity.  Masumoto’s brilliant and captivating play is a moving lesson and a treasured experience that I will never forget. — Lee Herrick, poet

What We Could Carry is a 45 minute one-woman show developed and performed by Nikiko Masumoto. The show asks us to consider how and what memory we carry about Japanese American experiences before, during, and after Internment and World War II. Based almost entirely on the testimony of individuals from the Los Angeles hearings of the 1981 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, Ms. Masumoto re-performs 13 individual’s testimony (in addition to her own) about Internment and the weight of these memories. This show is riveting in its commitment to truth-telling. Come for an experience of witnessing, remembering, and healing.

This piece was developed by Ms. Masumoto during her graduate school work at the University of Texas, at Austin. The Japanese American National Museum (William Hohri Collection) was a home for Ms. Masumoto to conduct her research. She is grateful to all institutions and individuals who helped her develop this work!

Media Coverage: Fresno Bee, 2013

See an Excerpt & How people in the Valley respond: produced & created by Valley PBS.

See a Video Trailer of What We Could Carry:

Video Produced by Brad Shirakawa (Thank you!)

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